4,000 Miles | By Amy Herzog

By Amy Herzog


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Playing October 6 – October 23

After a devastating loss, a neo-hippie bikes across the country to reconnect with his grandmother in New York City. Says Time Magazine “4000 Miles is the family drama that really sticks with you. It’s a small story about a big idea: the power of compassion to heal, and by the time the play has concluded, your own capacity for empathy has been stirred, and perhaps even enriched.”



Vera              Diane Thrasher

Leo               Anthony Lee Phillips

Bec               Maggie Bulkley

Amanda      Laura Dux


Artistic Team:

Director                    Connor Zaft

Set Design                Terry Tennesen

Costume Design     Libby Urner-Wennstrom

Lighting Design      Albert Mendez

Sound Design          Noah Morningstar

Stage  Manager      Emily Hand

Production Sponsor(s):