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Coming Sunday February 15th

“Ancient History” by David Ives


“Ancient History” Finds Laughter Along Love’s Rocky Road at KCPT and Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar’s Dinner Theater

Key City Public Theatre is proud to present an evening of dinner theater at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar, featuring “Ancient History the acclaimed comedy by playwright David Ives.

Described by Show Business as “…A riveting theatrical experience…a gripping, sobering picture of young people in our time,” “Ancient History” tells the tragically hilarious story of Ruth and Jack, whose outwardly enviable relationship is fraught with latent incompatibilities. Key City Public Theatre brings Ives’ comedic masterpiece to life for one night only, on Sunday, February 15th.

Amy E. Sousa and Caleb Stengel play Ruth and Jack, the quintessentially well-cultured couple. They both can hum the Mendelssohn Octet, know Marx Brothers quotes by heart, and even have developed a taste for punning in French. They find themselves to be the perfect match. But a derailed marriage discussion before Ruth’s 35th birthday party unearths the seemingly irreconcilable differences lurking beneath the surface of their lustful frivolity and witty repartee.

In the end, Ruth and Jack’s struggle to overcome their differences brings to light the true issue of the play: Can two people shed the trappings of their cultural differences and embrace the passion of the present or will their love become Ancient History?

Ives’ plays are known for probing the wreckage of modern relationships in the search for humor and hope and “Ancient History” is no exception.

Tickets are $48 for the four-course dinner and show (beverages and gratuity not included). 6:00 p.m.

Reserve tickets early as these dinner theater events oftentimes sell out and seating is limited.

Purchase tickets online or call the box office at 360-385-5278.

Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar is located at 842 Washington Street, Port Townsend.

The theater’s season sponsors are Port Townsend Fudge Company, Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar, and SOS Printing.

Past Event: Fall Dinner Theatre

“Rounding Third” by Richard Dresser — Sunday Nov 9

KCPT’s Dinner Theater series will continue this fall with

“Rounding Third”

by Richard Dresser

(our special guest playwright at this year’s PT PlayFest)

Sunday November 9 at 6:00 p.m.

Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar

Tickets: $48, which includes a four-course dinner and the show

(See DINNER MENU below…)

featuring Kenn Mann and Scott Nollette

directed by Patricia Earnest

“Hilarious… solid entertainment…” — Variety

In Rounding Third, a comedy by Richard Dresser, two Little League coaches try to reconcile their very different approaches to baseball and to life.  Dresser was prompted to write the play when he learned that his son’s Little League coach was planning to cheat to win a game.  Perhaps Dresser’s most successful play in the new millennium, Rounding Third, his 2002 two-character baseball comedy, premiered in Chicago where it met with great favor from audiences.

ROUNDING THIRD is the tumultuous journey of two Little League coaches through an entire season, from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. The audience is the stand-in for the team, so the coaches speak directly to the audience about competition, character, punctuality, and the importance of wearing the right equipment.

Despite their differences, Michael and Don form an uneasy alliance for the benefit of the team. And over the course of exhilarating victories, heartbreaking defeats, and interminable rain-outs, the two men battle over how to lead the team.

Photos by Phil Baumgaertner / KCPT

Special Dinner MENU for ‘Rounding Third’

1st course

Spring Rain Farm Salad — Yellow roma tomatoes, grilled scallions, candy cane beets, crispy sunchokes, and Spring Rain greens tossed in picholine vinaigrette.

2nd course

Seafood Cakes — An assortment of local seafood made into delicate cakes and served with a shallot-tomato aioli.

3rd course

Artichoke and fresh Marjoram stuffed King Salmon — Served with roasted garlic and butternut squash cakes as well as sautéed romanesco with shallots

4th course

Fresh Cherries, Orange Zest and Mascarpone Crepes — with house-made almond praline

Past Event: Valentine’s weekend

“Adam & Eve” at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar

Alchemy Bistro & Wine BarKCPT presents an evening of dinner theater

at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar

featuring Mark Twain’s

“The Diaries of Adam & Eve”

as adapted by David Birney

featuring Richard Clairmont and Erin Lamb

The world’s oldest love story…

How love can survive the fragile yearnings of romance

Sunday February 16, at 6:00 p.m.  One night only.

Tickets are $48 for the four-course dinner and show.

(Beverages and gratuity not included)

Key City Public Theatre presents a romantic dinner evening with Mark Twain’s wry and touching “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” — Twain’s “first person” account of the world’s oldest love story — on Sunday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m. at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar.

Noted television actor David Birney created this stage adaptation from two texts written by Twain — “Excerpts from Adam’s Diary” (1893) and “Eve’s Diary.” Twain wrote the second piece after the death of his own wife Olivia in 1904.

“The play is about their relationship,” says Birney. “It’s about always getting it wrong until you finally get it right. There’s plenty of sharp, sardonic humor, but also a rich sweetness to it as the relationship deepens.”

Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Adam and Eve is a uniquely American theatre piece, funny, beautiful, and deeply moving.  David Birney has crafted a light-hearted look at the world’s first love story through the eyes of America’s greatest humorist, Mark Twain, whose Garden of Eden bursts with wit, laughter and the lyric poignance of the first love and the first loss.

“Endearing… a reminder of Twain’s storytelling genius and how much fun it can be…flavorful as apple cider, pungent, ironic.”

– The Los Angeles Times

“Sharp and resourceful… played with freshness and theatricality… charming.”

– Variety

Past Events: “Vanities”  (Nov 2013)

Alchemy Bistro & Wine BarKCPT presents an evening of dinner theater

at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar



by our 2013 Playwrights’ Festival special guest Jack Heifner

featuring Angela Amos, Colleen Dobbin and Amy Sousa

It’s a snap-shot chronicle of the lives of three sorority sisters that spans the turbulent ’60s through the late ’70s and explores how friendship changes over the years.

Sunday November 17, 2013  at 6:00 p.m.  One night only.

Tickets are $48 for the four-course dinner and show.

(Beverages and gratuity not included)

Jack Heifner was an unknown writer unsure of his direction in life when Vanities changed everything.  The simple three-scene story he wrote as an acting exercise for three women in his theatre company — only his second play — was workshopped at NYC’s Playwrights Horizons in 1976 before officially opening two months later at the Chelsea Center’s Westside Theatre.

This is the story of three girlfriends in the 60s growing and changing through life together.  They evolve from high school cheerleaders and ”best friends” to sorority sisters, to independent mature women with very separate lives.  Heifner’s story turned into a surprise hit that ran for five years, becoming one of the longest-running comedies in Off-Broadway history.

Past events: “Love Letters”  (Feb, 2013)

Alchemy Bistro & Wine BarKCPT presents an evening of dinner theater

at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar on Valentine’s weekend.


“Love Letters”

by A.R. Gurney

performed by John Considine and Patricia Earnest.

Sunday February 17, 2013  at 6:00 p.m.  One night only.

Tickets are $48 for the three-course dinner and show. (See menu below)

(Beverages and gratuity not included)

UPDATE:  This event is sold out.  Please call the KCPT box office 385-KCPT (5278) to check for cancellations or be added to the wait list.

                             Veteran Hollywood Actor                      Patricia Earnest

                                    John Considine                          “The Glass Kingdom”

                                                                              Annual Playwright’s Festivals

“Love Letters” is Hollywood actor’s first Live Performance in Port Townsend

John Considine, a veteran TV and film actor, will make his first live performance in Port Townsend for a Valentine’s Day event, even though he has lived here for almost 20 years. Considine will join Patricia Earnest to perform “Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney at the Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar for a dinner theatre experience including a three-course gourmet meal on Sunday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m.

At right: John Considine and Patricia Earnest take a moment at KPTZ radio to talk about their upcoming performance together in “Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney at the Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar.

“Love Letters” is a play that focuses on two characters, Melissa Gardner and Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and performed as they sit side by side and read over 50 years of notes, cards and letters. The two discuss their hopes and dreams and disappointments that have passed between them throughout their separated lives. The play was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1990.

Considine feels confident in his role even though his last play was 23 years ago. His experience in daytime soap operas – where he had to memorize 30 pages of dialog a day – gave him the grounding to pull off just about any acting job.

“The first soap I did was in the early 1970s,” Considine remembers. “I stopped in my first scene, suddenly the stage door flew open and the producer yelled ‘we do not stop tape!’ He found out later the producer was paid well if he could avoid editing.

“So many great Broadway actors and actresses would come on our show, ‘The Young and The Restless’ and be completely terrified,” said Considine, “Because they had no rehearsal time and rarely had read-through before shooting.”

“All the best actors came from the soaps,” said Considine’s co-star for “Love Letters,” Patricia Earnest, “because of the schedule these actors went through.”

Earnest also had her first acting job on TV – but unlike Considine – she is an active member in Port Townsend’s thriving theatre community. Earnest acts with KCPT and has been directing WordPlay for the last several years.

“I think theatre is a unifier for a community,” Earnest said. “I think what Key City is doing is brilliant, bringing kids into classes then later casting them in plays.”

Earnest realizes that some children have a hard time getting their feelings out without it being negative. She sees that feelings are often easier to talk about when they are a characters feelings not the actors. “There is something freeing about theatre,” Earnest said, “it’s all positive.”

Considine wished he had a beginning in theatre, especially stock theatre, where the actors perform in a different play each week. “There is something grounding about a background in theatre,” he said, “that gives you the confidence to walk onto a TV or film set and it’s no big deal.”

This romantic event is actually a tease for KCPT’s upcoming 17th-Annual Playwrights’ Festival as their guest artist, playwright Jack Heifner, wrote “Hate Mail” in 2006 as an homage to A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters.”

Alchemy in partnership with KCPT designed a special sumptuous Valentine’s Day menu including a ‘for the love of bacon’ salad, ‘vegetable frommage a trois’ (a pillowy puff pastry with spinach and feta) with a grand finale of a red velvet cake with rose petal icing topped with red raspberries. If this partnership goes well, Alchemy and KCPT will present a special Fall dinner theatre as well and then make it an annual event.

To purchase tickets for “Love Letters” please call 385-KCPT or visit www.keycitypublictheatre.org. KCPT’s season sponsors are Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar and SOS Printing.