66 Women Producer’s Event

Join the party – become one of the 66 WOMEN who help make theater possible at KCPT!

You’re invited to be one of the 66 Women to collectively sponsor a play in KCPT’s 2017 season. In past seasons, the 66 Women have chosen one play to sponsor, but this year the votes came in a TIE and they are doubling-down their support! They sponsored the fabulously successful MURDER BALLAD in June…and they’re back to throw their support behind…


October 4th — “Lord of the Flies…with wine and dip.” Enough said.

We’re asking 66 women to fill all the seats in the house and jointly be sponsors for these productions at $66 per seat, per show.

Sign-up Now!

The Producer Party for THE BOOK CLUB PLAY will be at the lovely home of Marcia Perlstein and Nyla Dartt. And…there will be wine and dip.

Join the 66 Women Producers by signing up today!

CALL for Tickets:  (360) 385-5827
EMAIL for Tickets:  boxoffice@keycitypublictheatre.org

66 Women Producers of MURDER BALLAD

Robin Abb
Cheryl Bentley
Ellen Bonjorno
Melanie Bozak
JoAnn Bussa
Suzy Carroll
Karen Clemens
Pam Clise
Mary Crozier
Suzanne Cunliffe
Cindy D’Accurso
Judy Drechsler
Ellen Falconer
Nadine Feldman
Colby Fox
Abbie Greene
Linda Heuertz
Gayle Kaune
Ann King
Ruth Lytle
Linda Martin
Kristin Manwaring
Kelly Matlock
Jacque McInvale
Ginger McNew
Beverly Michaelsen
Gail Oldroyd
Robin Ornelas
Deborah Pedersen
Patricia Rowdabaugh
Debbi Steele
Nan Toby Tyrrell
Nancy Van Allen
Teresa Verraes
Terry Lynn Wagner
Katherine Wagoner
Sharon Wenzler
Diane Wheatley
D D Wigley
Kristin Wolfram


Last year’s event: